Sustainability at Pond

Pond Security is not only known for its commitment to safety and security, but is also making great strides in promoting sustainability. As well as focusing on providing world-class security solutions, we also ensure that our operations and those of our business partners meet the highest environmental and ethical standards. Our commitment is accurately measured through the EcoVadis rating system, a globally recognized framework that assesses sustainability against various criteria.

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EcoVadis: A catalyst for change

EcoVadis plays a crucial role in our sustainability efforts. As a leading provider of sustainability assessments, EcoVadis evaluates companies against 21 sustainability criteria covering four thematic areas. This robust framework helps us and our partners maintain high standards in our operational and ethical practices and drive improvements where they are needed most. Information about EcoVadis is available on their Website as well as on X/Twitter and LinkedIn available.

Environmental impact

Our collaboration with EcoVadis enables us to effectively monitor and reduce our environmental footprint. By adhering to strict criteria, we strive to minimize waste, reduce emissions and conserve resources in our operations and supply chain.

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Labor and human rights

We are vehemently committed to the rights and well-being of our Employees and those within our supply chain. EcoVadis assessments help to ensure that labor practices meet international standards and that human rights are universally respected.

Ethical business practices

Ethics are at the heart of our business philosophy. Regular assessments by EcoVadis reinforce our commitment to operate transparently and with integrity and to avoid any form of corruption or unfair practices.

Sustainable procurement

Our procurement guidelines are designed to give preference to suppliers who share our sustainability values. By integrating EcoVadis assessments into our supplier selection process, we promote a supply chain that is not only efficient but also responsible.

Pond Security remains committed to making progress in the area of sustainability. Through our ongoing efforts and partnerships, such as the one with EcoVadis, we are setting new standards in corporate responsibility and demonstrating that a commitment to the earth and its people can go hand in hand with a successful business.

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