Practice-oriented security concepts: POND offers professionalism.


    Security for banks, military sites, research centers, and much more!


    Guarding, monitoring, securing: POND offers experience.


    Practice-oriented security concepts: POND offers professionalism.

A passion for security - POND Security Service.

Welcome to POND SECURITY SERVICE, your partner for customized security solutions in Germany. As a specialist in the protection of highly sensitive facilities, we offer comprehensive security concepts for buildings and areas in the high-security sector. Our expertise in armed security services guarantees effective protection for high-risk properties.

Our portfolio includes the professional guarding of sensitive facilities, supported by our team of highly qualified employees. We reinforce your security with armed security guards and specially trained protection and explosive detection dog teams to meet any challenge.

State-of-the-art technologies such as electronic access control systems and X-ray baggage screening systems, supervised by experienced security specialists, complete our range of services. Trust POND SECURITY SERVICE - your security company in Germany for individual and comprehensive security solutions. Protect your property with competence, commitment and state-of-the-art technology.


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A passion for safety.

POND Security Service

  • Controlled security:

    Specialized in highly sensitive facilities.

  • Practice-oriented Concepts:

    Security solutions for high security buildings and areas.

Range of Services

  • Specialized Security:

    Focus on highly sensitive facilities.

  • Qualified Teams:

    Highly qualified employees for sophisticated security services.

Advanced Measures

  • Armed Security Forces:

    For high-risk objects

  • Protection and explosives detection dogs:

    For use in critical areas

  • State-of-the-art security technology:

    - Electronic access controls

    - X-ray baggage inspection systems

    - Trained Security Specialists

Tailored solutions:

POND SECURITY SERVICE guarantees complete security for your object in all areas.


Military Facilities

Securing military facilities is one of POND SECURITY SERVICE's core competencies. Our passion for security has made us one of the most sought-after security companies in this particularly demanding field.

Military facilities are particularly sensitive sites to guard, and not only in times of increasing terrorist threats. The security experts at POND SECURITY SERVICE, who work for governments, the military and security organizations, are well aware of this. Qualified, experienced personnel and high-tech surveillance equipment guarantee optimal protection, which does not only start at the entrance and exit control. Access roads and surrounding areas are continuously and intensively monitored by our security teams to detect and eliminate threats as early as possible.

Nuclear Technology

Attacks and other intentional accidents in nuclear power plants can quickly take on devastating proportions. The security experts at POND SECURITY SERVICE make sure that nothing happens.

To protect nuclear power plants from attack, POND SECURITY SERVICE uses a sophisticated combination of high-tech controlled perimeter surveillance, access control with gate and hand probes, and specially trained security personnel, some of whom are armed. As a leading security company, we have been successfully minimizing the risk of attack for over three decades. And with great success across the continent, as evidenced by the long-term loyalty of our satisfied customers.


When it comes to securing airports, the specialists at POND SECURITY Facility Security don't do things by halves. That's why we secure US government airports on German soil - including Ramstein Air Base.

POND SECURITY SERVICE's specially trained airport security team - including numerous qualified aviation security screeners - covers all services required for the secure operation of airports. This includes access control for passengers and staff, baggage security and monitoring of all cargo, mail screening and detection of concealed explosives. Our expertise is demonstrated by our accreditation as a security service provider for airport operators and airlines in accordance with Sections 5, 8 and 9 of the German Aviation Security Act (LuftSiG).

Facility Security

Experience, qualifications and the use of state-of-the-art technology make POND SECURITY SERVICE the first choice when it comes to protecting the most vulnerable and sensitive properties.

Facility security is one of the security services in which POND SECURITY SERVICE has specialized in its more than 40 years of company history. We work closely with our clients to develop thorough and effective security concepts for particularly vulnerable and sensitive properties. To ensure optimum security, our specialist personnel are fully equipped with high-tech communication technology, as well as service belts, handcuffs, batons, firearms, bullet-proof vests and protective masks, depending on the area of operation. Electronic access control systems and x-ray baggage screening systems round out the added security for which we are highly regarded.

Security from experts.

POND SECURITY SERVICE offers the highest level of security in all areas. We specialize in securing military and highly sensitive facilities.

POND SECURITY SERVICE GmbH was founded in 1983 by Daniel M. Pond with four simple principles in mind: To exceed customer expectations in all areas; to maintain a high level of integrity; to provide comprehensive, quality, and timely training; and finally, to ensure that the performance of our employees is constantly monitored and that appropriate directives are implemented.

Over 60000

people and a large number of customers trust POND SECURITY
and their expertise


In addition to outstanding personnel, we use sophisticated security technology, as well as protection and explosives detection dogs. The strengths of POND SECURITY SERVICE are our flexibility and experience. We are highly professional because we know what is important. We are trustworthy because we have over 40 years of experience. We provide qualified and highly motivated security because we are partners to our clients.

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POND means trust. Controlled security from the experts for highly sensitive facilities.

POND SECURITY SERVICE - professional security for your site!




POND BAHN SERVICE - Track safety and occupational safety.

POND BAHN SERVICE has been providing track safety services to Deutsche Bahn AG and other railroad companies since 1993. Our service is based on a complete service package that meets the requirements of each task.

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POND SECURITY WERKSCHUTZ ensures the safety of sensitive facilities.

POND SECURITY specializes in the security of sensitive facilities. This includes all the functions necessary to ensure a thorough and effective security program.

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Training and courses from the POND ACADEMY training center.

The POND ACADEMY training center offers you selected training and courses on all aspects of security services. As an independent training center, we offer specialized courses in various fields.

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